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In yet another major breakthrough from Sri Uttaradi Math, the most popular magazine Sri Sudha (Kannada version) is now available for online subscription and online reading.

How to read e-Sri Sudha?

Step 1: Install the App

There is an App / application called Readwhere. It is available on Android and iOS mobile devices. It is also available on Windows 8. You can go to Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS devices and search for ‘Readwhere’. For Windows 8, you can go to and download the application. Once downloaded, create a user with your email id as login id and a password that you select. This is the basic setup that you need to do.

How to purchase e-Sri Sudha?

Step 2: Purchase e-Sri Sudha copy every month or for the full year

Once logged in, you can search for ‘Sri Sudha’ or you can click the link:

Each issue of e-Sri Sudha is priced nominally at 5 Rs, which is half of the print version’s price. Annual subscription for e-Sri Sudha is 50 Rs for 12 issues. Each month you will get a reminder on the App about the month’s issue once available. After you see a particular issue, it is also available for offline reading (even if you are not connected later).

That’s it. You are all set to read the same good Sri Sudha at your convenience in electronic format.

With this major step from Uttaradi Math, now the physical boundaries are broken. Devotees sitting any where in the world can download the App and read Sri Sudha. Please inform all your relatives and friends both in India and in other countries, so that they can also benefit.

As mentioned, only the Kannada version of e-Sri Sudha is now available. There are plans to make more VMMP publications also available electronically, down the line. Please stay tuned as we progress further and reach you more.

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