Medical camps

As the saying goes: "Health is Wealth", Taking care one's own health is paramount to every individual. It is disheartening to learn that even in today's modern economic era, The number of people who cannot afford basic medical assistance for themselves is considerably high, let alone education.

People suffer from diseases and disorders and continue to do so helplessly without financial support. It is duty of all of us to extend our helping hand in this regard to not only build a healthier nation but also eradicate many contagious diseases. Under this thought, Sri Matha has been organizing Medical camps at various places spread across the country to ensure maximum medical support to under privileged crowd of the country.

Medical camps include:

  1. Free medical checkup.
  2. Free vaccination and required medical assistance.
  3. Free distribution of medicines based on expert prescription. and many more.

Usually, medical camps are organized at places where His Holiness would be residing for his Chaturmasya vratam. Also, at some other places periodically based on the pre scheduled agenda. We request you to make use of this facility and also spread this information to more and more people who might need this facility.