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Shri Madhvacharya Seva trust

SHRI MADHVACHARYA SEVA is the registered trust for Religious and Charitable purposes. All the Online Payments/Donations towards Sri Uttaradimath would be received by this trust.

1. The trust is created to carry out following activities on behalf of Sri Uttaradimath

2. To perform poojas, homa, Aradhana, pravachanas, Jnanasatras and to distribute Prasad and feed devotees.

3. To preserve and enrich culture heritage and for that end to protect and renovate cultural monuments.

4. To construct establish, erect, take on lease, equip and maintain or contribute towards the affairs of temples, Mutts, samadhi of saint (Vrindavana) and other allied establishments.

5. To establish and run educational institution in accordance with Gurukulam systems.

6. To achieve the upliftment of agrarian community and to assist in the development of village industries and to set up Goshala for animals.

7. To run library, museums, reading rooms, study centres and hostels for men and women

8. To establish, to maintain and to manage educational institution like Schools, Arts, Science and Commerce colleges, Engineering, Medical Colleges, Polytechnic etc., on modern lines.

9. To setup and run children's homes, orphanages, Vridhashram for elders, homes for destitute etc.

10. To promote propagate and encourage the study and research in ancient Indian Culture and other Indian Philosophical Systems in India and abroad.

11. To promote and encourage the study and research in Sanskrit and other oriental languages. Also, to conduct linguistic philological comparative, study in various languages such Chinese, Russian, French, German etc. The outcome of the activity is further made available to public via journals and books

12. To further the cause of liberal and employment-oriented education by establishing computer training centres and industrial training centre.

13. To set up and run training institutes for men and women for admission to professional courses, to develop their personality and employability.

14. To setup hospitals, dispensaries and other medical institutions, medical research institutions and to subscribe to or donate to or financially participate in such institutions like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Allopathy, Siddha Medicine system and Homeopathy system.

15. To render financial assistance like scholarship, prizes and honoraria and experts in ancient lore and assistance to scholars

16. To confer title on eminent persona1ities in the field of ancient culture and Philosophy.

17. To hold conferences, seminars to disseminate tenets of Indian philosophy and fine arts etc.

18. To engage and encourage research in communication through internet and electronic media.

19. To carry on research in agriculture, floriculture, horticulture etc.

20. To assist or support any other institution, Trust or Society having objects of or engaged in activities similar to the objects and activities of the Trust.

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