Sri Satyavrata Tirtha

वेदनिध्यालवालोत्थः विदुषां चिन्तितप्रदः।
सत्यव्रताख्यकल्पद्रुः भूयादिष्टार्थसिद्धये॥

|| vedanidhyAlavAlotthaH viduShAM cintitapradaH .
satyavratAkhyakalpadruH bhUyAdiShTArthasiddhaye ||

Sri Satyavrata Tirtha

Shri Satyavrata Teertha, the immediate disciple and successor of Shri Vedanidhi Teertha occupied the pontificate throne of the Shri Uttaradi Matha. His original name was Raghunathacharya. After initiation into sanyasa, he was conferred the name Shri Satyavratha Teertha.

Beginning with him, the title of "Satya" is conferred as a prefix to all the pontiffs of the Uttaradi Math, as a recognition for their skill, high spiritual powers and their deeksha to uphold Dharma. He ruled Vedantha Samrajya of Uttaradi Math for a short duration of three years.

Once His Holiness visited Hyderabad. At that time the ruler of Golkonda Abdullah Qutab Shah came to HH with an intention to test the spiritual power of Shri Satyavrata Teertha. The King sent some vessels containing meat as an offering to Samsthana Deity. Shri Swamiji sprikled some holy water from the counch (Kamandalam) on it. To everyone's surprise, the mutton turned into a variety of flowers and fruits. Everyone marvelled at the Guru's divine powers. The King Abdullah Qutub Shah pleaded His Holiness for his mercy and lay prostrated before the lotus feet of His Holiness and offered royal gifts.

Shri Satyavrata Teertha ruled the Vedantha Samrajya for nearly three years.His commentary to Shri Vyasaraja's magnum opus "Nyayamruta" stands evident to his outstanding wisdom. He entered brindavana at Sangli on the banks of river Krishna.

|| Shri Krishanarpanamastu||