Sri Satyaveera Tirtha

Sri Satyaveera Tirtha

Shri Satyaveera Teertha's Purvaashrama name was Bhodaramacharya .

He belonged to Korlahalli Family. Three Pontiffs who came from Korlahalli Famliy were at the seat of the Uttaradi Math for 50 Years .

They Are:

1) Shri Satyaveera Teertha

 2) Shri Satyadheera Teertha  

3) Shri Satyadhyana Teertha.

Shri Satyaveera Teertha was ordained as monk and succeeded to the pontificate in 1879. After being initiated to Vedantha Samrajya , he took up the construction of Brindavana in Chittapur to his beloved guru Shri Satyaparakrama Teertha and performed Mahasamaradhana.

Shri Satyaveera Teertha was a scholar par excellence, he was instrumental in opposing the false claim of shaastra allowing widow re-marriage and upheld the true essence of it. During his period he brought a socio-religious renaissance thereby establishing harmony in the society. Shri Satyaveera Teertha was the first to refute the age old belief that sanyasis must start their chaturmasya ritual of residing at a single place for a certain period of time only on Ashadha Krishna Panchami and established that any day of the Panchami, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami can be chosen to commence chaturmasya. He was the first to start it on Ashadha Krishna Dashami and even today the same is followed at Shri Matha.

Shri Satyaveera Teertha ordained Shri Jayacharya and named him as SHRI SATYADHEERA Teertha to the pontificate throne of Shri Uttaradi Matha and entered Brindavana in Korlahalli on the banks of river Tungabhadra on 1886 Kartika Shudda Dwadashi.