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Parampara/ Sri Satyasandha Tirtha

विष्णोः पदश्रित् गोव्रातैः स्वान्तध्वान्तनिवारकः।
श्रीसत्यसन्धसूर्योऽयं भासतां नो हृदम्बरे॥

|| viShNoH padashrit govrAtaiH svAntadhvAntanivArakaH .
shrIsatyasandhasUryo.ayaM bhAsatAM no hR^idambare ||

Sri Satyasandha Tirtha


Shri Satyasanda Tirtha was the next pontiff to adore the seat of Sri Uttaradi Math after Shri Satyabodha Tirtha. He was ordained into sanyasa by the doyen of Madhva Philosophy Shri Satyabodha Teertha. He was the pontiff of Shri Uttaradi Matha for 10 years, 2 months and 19 days.


Since Satyasanda Teertha was with his guru for many years at one place, he started his sanchara only after becoming a pontiff. At Pandarapur he got the darshan of Lord Vithala as a brahmachari.


During his sanchara, it so happened that on one day he had no flowers at all to offer to Moola Rama at the time of his daily worship. He could not get any flowers in spite of his best efforts. When he was thus worried, an old man appeared as if from no where with lotus flowers and offered them for the pooja and disappeared even as everyone was watching him.   Shri Satyasandha Teertha Swamiji felt supremely happy that Lord Moola Rama himself had sent these lotus flowers for his own worship. On this occasion, in his supreme happiness he offered all the lotuses to Moola Rama and other deities and found that he had none left to offer to Shri Sita. He was greatly worried. Miracle of miracles happened! A lotus flower jumped from Shri Moola Rama and sat on Shri Sita making him very happy.


When he visited Gaya, he found the Gayawallas did not allow him to enter the temple. They locked the temple doors. They said that they would not open the doors unless a large sum of money is paid. When swamiji went there, the doors burst open facilitating the devotees to do their shastric rites themselves without the involvement of Gayawallas. This happened day after day for seven days. When the gayawallas realised their loss as no pilgrims came to them, they pleaded to be excused for their arrogance.  


When Shri Satyasandha Teertha visited Udupi, he met the pontiffs of the eight Mathas established specially for worship of the God in the Shri Krishna Matha. He spent some time there in scholarly discussions. He impressed the pontiffs with his superiority and knowledge of the Sastras, He was then cordially and respectfully invited to worship the Uttaradi Matha Samsthana Murthy one day each in everyone of the eight MAtha with their own Samsthana Murthy. He left Udupi after giving Udupi Krishna sizeable Kanike and deep sense of admiration in the hearts of the noble pontiffs.


On one occasion when he visited Sangli, he performed his daily worship of Samsthana deities in fort of the Vrindavana of Shri Satyavrata Teertha, and did his Nyaya-Sudha pravachana. The Brindavana, shook extensively side to side, many times, as if nodding its head in great appreciation of the pooja and pravachana of this saint. This was seen by everyone present including the King Balaraj Urs. Everyone present was all thrilled at this miracle and praised the greatness of Shri Satyasandha Teertha.  


At this stage he knew he had only a few days left in his life. He installed Jhulupi Krishnacharya Balacharya to succed him with name of Shri Satyavara Tirtha. He gave detailed instructions how his body, in case he passed away during sanchara, should be taken to Mahishi where he would like to have his Brindavana.  


He advised everyone of his entourage and all the sishyas of Shri Uttaradi Matha and all the other Madhvas that they should all follow the example of himself and the two pontiffs of Shri Vyasaraja Matha and Shri Raghavendra Swamy Matha, who respect one another, not to have confrontations and differences among themselves but work for the good of the entire Madhwa community as such, as they were all, first and foremost, the followers of the great Acharya and that petty and narrow minded differences among them would do no good to any of them but weaken them in the long run.  


Shri Satyasandha Vijaya is a hagiological work on Sri Satyasandha tirtha. It records his pre and post sanyasa life giving details of his pooja, patha-pravachana, sanchara and brindavana. It also records many significant events that occured during his time.  


Shri Satyasandha Vijaya describes two marvelous incidents one of Panduranga Vithala coming in the form of an old brahmin to receive Mudra from Shri Satyasandha Teertha swamiji and another as is already written is of Brindavana of Shri Satyavrata Teertha moving to and fro during the time of his puja and Bhashya pravachana.

|| Shri Krishnarpnamstu ||

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Among his great achievements is a commentary on Shri Vishnu - Sahasranama and Vishnustuti

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Archak, Sri Satyasandha Tirtha Vrindavan, Mahishi, Taluk: Tirthalli, District: Shimoga, State: Karnataka.


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