Sri Satyajnana Tirtha

|| satyadhIrakarAbjottho j~nAnavairAgyasAgaraH |
satyaj~nAnAkhyataraNiH svAMtadhvAMtaM nikRRiMtatu ||

॥ सत्यधीरकराब्जोत्थो ज्ञानवैराग्यसागरः ।
सत्यज्ञानाख्यतरणिः स्वांतध्वांतं निकृंततु ॥

Sri Satyajnana Tirtha

Shri Satyajnana Teertha was pontificated to Shri Uttaradi Matha by Shri Satyadheera Teertha and ruled  during the period from 1906 to 1911 .

His Purvasahrama Name was Shri Kinhal Jayacharya. Shri Satyajnana Teertharu was ordained as monk and succeeded to the pontificate in 1906. After initiated to Vedantha Samrajya , he took up the construction of Brindavana in Atkur to his beloved guru Shri Satyadhreera Teertharu and performed Mahasamaradhana.   Shri Satyajnyana teertha was unfortunately demeaned by scholars of that time who presumed that His Holiness didn't possess any scholastic merit. HH found this out and in order to prove the scholastic excellence of a pontiff of Shri Uttaradi Math called for a grand ceremony to celebrate the richness of Shri ManNyaya Sudha. He announced amidst thousands of scholars that he would take up "Shalaakha Pariksha" of Shri Sudha according to which one should use a small stick of wood to randomly choose a part of the humongous text and which ever portion comes up, that would be chosen to lecture upon. This way, His Holiness presented a mind blowing exposition of the complete Shri ManNyaya Sudha for hours together which left every scholar speechless. Such was his mastery over philosophy.  

Shri Satyjnana Teertharu ordained Shri Seturamacharya and named him as Shri Satydhyana Teertha to the pontificate throne of Shri Uttaradi Matha,and Swamiji entered Brindavana in Rajamahendri on the bank of river Godavari on 1911 Virodhikruth, Magha Shudda Ekadashi.

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