Sri Satyadhyana Tirtha

॥ आसेतोरातुषाराद्रेर्योदिशो जितवान् मुहुः।
सत्यध्यानगुरुः पातु यतीन्द्रैरपि पूजितः॥

|| AsetorAtuShArAdreryodisho jitavAn muhuH |
satyadhyAnaguruH pAtu yatIndrairapi pUjitaH ||

Sri Satyadhyana Tirtha

Shri 1008 Shri Satyadhyana Teertharu was born in an ancient family of erudite scholars in a village called Chikkodi, Karnataka state in 1872. It is a prestige and honor to the family. His purvashrama name was Sethuramacharya, his father's name was Jayacharya.

As usual in all orthodox Brahmin families, Sethurama had his Brahmopadesa at the age of 8 and started his serious studies in Sanskrit language and shastras under the guidance of his father who was a great scholar himself. Sethurama continued to study under his father and other well known pundits of the day. He was extremely intelligent and became an accomplished, erudite scholar in all branches of Indian philosophy, grammar and literature in Sanskrit before he completed his 20th year. He would pick up any gauntlet thrown by any adversary in any branch of orthodox learning and win a resounding victory over him. He was married and lead a normal life of a learned Brahmin householder, teaching Shastras to many students and scholars.

At the age of 40, in 1912 he entered the fourth Ashrama, Sannyasa, and became Satyadhyana Teertharu by name and Peethadhipathi of Uttaradhi Matha.