Sri Madhava Tirtha

|| sAdhitAkhilasattattvam bAdhitAkhiladurmatam |
bodhitAkhilasanmArgaM mAdhavAkhyayatiM bhaje ||

॥ साधिताखिलसत्तत्वम् बाधिताखिलदुर्मतम्।
बोधिताखिलसन्मार्गं माधवाख्ययतिं भजे॥

Sri Madhava Tirtha

Previously known as Vishnu Shastri,Shri  Madhava Theertha was the third to be anointed to the seat of Shri Uttaradi Matha after the disappearance of Shri Madhwacarya. The idol of Vamsha Rama that we see today was blessed to Shri Uttaradi Matha during his period.The senior most direct disciples of Sri Ananda Tirtha (Madhwacharya) were Sri Padmanbha Teertha, Sri Narahari Teertha, Sri Madhava Teertha and Sri Akshobhya Teertha. In the same order they were the pontiffs of Sri Uttaradi Matha.  

Once when Sri Madhava Teertha was engaged in the worship of Digvijaya Rama,Moola Rama and Moola Seeta along with other pratimas of Shri Matha, All of a sudden he moved from his place and prostrated to a great personality visible only to his holiness. The whole pooja was over and Sri Madhava Teertha most reverently took the sacred teertha (holy water) from one who was invisible. The whole incident was clarified afterwards by Sri Madhava Tirtha to satisfy the curiosity of the devout spectators. He said - "The Deity of Vamsha Rama which I have now acquired with Providential grace has been endowed with special sacredness of SriMadAcharya (Madhwacharya) who came in person to worship the Deity. He worshipped in his usual grand way, took teertha (charan-amrita) himself and blessed me with teertha afterwards". The whole gathering was astounded at the great event.

A similar incident was also reported to have been experienced by Sri Akshobya Tirtha when he was worshipping Sri Prasanna Vittala in Pandarapur. It is said that he has composed a commentary to the Parasara Smrti called Parasara Madhwa-vijaya, and some other compositions have also been accredited to him (Rig, Yajus and Saama Veda commentaries). The Mahalaya Amavasya (which usually falls in the month of Aswin) is this great saint's aradhana (disappearance anniversary).

Brindavana of Shi Madhava Teertharu is at Mannur.  

How to visit Mannur?

Mannur comes under Gulbarga District.It is neary about 65 from Gulbarga.There is bus facility to Mannur from Gulbarga.

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Contact Person: Shri Ramacharya Avadhani Phone no:08471-230205/9448952626 Post : Mannur Tq: Afzalpur Dist : Gulbarga
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