Sri Akshobhya Tirtha

|| yo vidyAraNyavipinaM tattvamasyasinAchChinat |
shrImadaxobhyatIrthAryahaMsinaM taM namAmyaham ||

॥ यो विद्यारण्यविपिनं तत्त्वमस्यसिनाच्छिनत्।
श्रीमदक्षोभ्यतीर्थार्यहंसिनं तं नमाम्यहम्॥

Sri Akshobhya Tirtha

Shri Akshobhya Teertha is one of the famous saints who took sanyasa directly from Shri Madhvacharya. His name before he became the disciple of Sri Madhvacharya was Govinda Shastri. He is supposed to belong to the northern karnataka region. With the tours of Shri Madhvacharya, the fame of Shri Madhvacharya spread to all corners of the country. Sri Govinda Shastri listened about the erudition, works and the disciples of Shri Madhvacharya and went to Udupi. He was a follower of a non-Vaishnava ('advaitin') line before meeting and surrendering to Shri Madhvacharya.

  Shri Akshobhya Teertha was the last of Madhvacharya's direct disciples to sit on the Vedanta Pitha. After initiating Akshobhya Teertha into sanyasa Shri Madhvacharya gave him the Deity of Aja-Vithala. (Krsna standing with His hands on His hips, accompanied by Shri Devi and Bhudevi, though some say this is Krsna with Rukmini and Satyabhama).

Shri Akshobhya Teertha who initiated Shri Jaya Teertha (author of Shriman Nyaya Sudha) was a contemporary of the great 'advaitin' Shri Vidyaranya and also of a celebrated 'Visistha-advaitin' scholar Shri Vedanta Desika. Shri Akshobhya Teertha had a scholarly debate with Shri Vidyaranya on the interpretation of the scriptural passage "Tatvam-asi". Extensive and elaborate arguments were exchanged in the presence of Shri Vedantha Deshika who was chosen by both as an arbitrator.

Another tradition says that all the arguments were literally written down and then sent to Shri Vedantha Deshika whose verdict was in favour of Shri Akshobhya Teertha. The epigraphic evidence of this historic victory is on a commemorative pillar of victory on a hill near Mulabagilu that can be seen even today.

Shripad Akshobhya Teertha moved after this to a little north to Pandharapur on the banks of the Bhima-rathi River, which is where he met his future disciple Jaya Teertha. In the years to follow Akshobhya Teertha dedicated most of his time training Jaya Teertha in 'Dwaita' philosophy. The relationship was so nice that Shripad Akshobhya Teertha gave his every breath to make Shripad Jaya Teertha the most proficient and dynamic preacher since Madhva, hence Jaya Teertha was called the second moon of Madhwa and Tikacharya, for his many small commentaries. Shripad Akshobhya Teertha taught him how to search out hidden significance's in the words of Madhwa which others missed.

Sri Akshobhya Teertha Moola Vrindavana is at Malkhed.

How to visit Malkhed?

Malkhed comes under Gulbarga District. It is 40 kms away from Gulbarga. There is sufficient bus facilitiy to Malkhed from Gulbarga. It is situated in between Gulbarga and Sedam, 12 kms from Sedam.

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Shri Venkannachar Pujar, Shri Jayateertha Brindavana, Malkhed, Sedam Taluk, Gulbarga Dist-585 317 (Karnataka). Phone no : 08441-290083/9448181288
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