Shathamanotsava 2018 at Bangalore


The birth centenary celebrations of Shri Shri 1008 Shri Satya Pramoda Theertha Sripadangalavaru will take place in the divine presence of our Srigalu Shri Shri 1008 Shri Satyatma Theertharu.

Srigalu will be at Bangalore continuously from 7th April to 8th July 2018. Jyeshta Adhika masa falls during this period, during which all program are likely to take place at Uttaradi Math, Basavanagudi itself. In the first week of July or slightly after that, the concluding activities of Shathamanotsava 2018 will take place, spanning 3 to 4 days. Details will be published as and when plans are finalized.

The entire Shathamanotsava program will consist of nithya Pooja, nithya Patha, aradhana of Padhuka of Shri Satya Pramoda Theertharu, various jnana karyas, 1 Lakh Brahmana bhojana (spanning all days of Adhika masa) as per special sankalpa of our Srigalu, special sevas during adhika masa and Workshops for gents, ladies, youth and children. Samarpane of Gayatri Japa, Ramakrishna Japa and various parayanas performed by devotees in the past few years is also in plans. Srigalu is likely to visit various areas of Bangalore also and give His amruthopadesha to all devotees.

 A high level committee has been formed with Justice Venkatachalaiah as the honorary President and Bharat Ratna Dr.C.N.R.Rao as working president to take guidance on Shathamanotsava 2018. Plans are being evolved.

 Over the past few years, as per Srigalu’s wishes, many activities like Gayatri Japa, Ramakrishna Japa, parayanas and Jnana satras have been happening in various parts of the country. A Ratha yatra has also been in progess covering several states. The programs in 2018 at Bangalore will be a culmination of all of these and give us more opportunities to increase our devotion and to offer more seva through our Srigalu to Lord Sri Hari. We will be posting Shathamanotsava 2018 details on ‘Chatumasya Bangalore’ facebook ( as well as other facebook groups and various social media. Brief outlines will be posted on this website also, as and when plans progress. Please stay tuned for a soul filling Shathamanotsava 2018.

-        Shathamanotsava 2018 Communications Team.